5 Things To Do On A Jet Ski

Now onto the list!


Racing through the waves at 60mph may not be ideal for some riders, but jet skis provide a wide range of activities for the entire family. One of these activities, is tubing. If you’ve ever seen a tube being drag behind a boat or waverunner, you’ve probably heard the laughs of joy arising from the riders. That is because tubing is one of the most enjoyable activities to do on a jet ski, including for those who aren’t quite ready for invigorating speeds. Using a jet ski verses a boat can allow for easy maneuverability, with less time setting up the tube, and more time enjoying the activity. For young members of the family not able to swim in deep waters, jet skis can pull tubes in shallow water, because unlike boats, waverunners don’t operate using a propeller. But if slow cruises by the beach isn’t your thing, your PWC can take you dashing over the waves at astonishing speeds. The course of your ride is decided by the driver; some enjoy a calm drive around the coast, while other love sharp turns, jumps, and most importantly, crashing into the water.


Even the most dedicated fishermen can get bored sitting around the ocean or lake all day, especially when fish just refuse to bite. From lake to even deep sea fishing, jet skis offer a quick and maneuverable option to scour the water. The rider has the thrill of riding into the waters, then the relaxation of fishing without the difficulty of controlling a boat. For non frequent fishermen who dread the effort of getting a boat in and out of the peer, a jet ski is the perfect option. Within minutes you can be relaxing amongst the waves. PWC fishing is quite new in the U.S, but in other countries like South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, personal-watercraft fishing has surged in popularity with PWC-only tournaments. For Bryan Lockwood, a well known jet ski fisherman, jet skis were first used as a quick and easy way to catch bait before a fishing trip. Now Lockwood has been jet ski fishing for years, all around the world. As the U.S begins to take up on this evolution in fishing, many jet ski companies are offering cooler and rack attachments to turn your jet ski into a much smaller, but just as effective, fishing boat.


Like a real life hoverboard on water, flyboarding will literally take you to new heights. When it comes to jet ski activities, flyboarding is one of the newest, the extreme water sport being invented in 2012. Since then, it has become a favorite among ocean athletes. As the name suggests, water powered jets boost you above the waves and into the air as if you’re flying! The flyboard itself is about the size of a skateboard will two boot attachments for your feet. The water jets beneath the board are powered by your jet ski, giving the board enough power to keep you in the air. Flyboarding, surprisingly, isn’t extremely difficult to learn. Most riders can control the basic mechanics within a few minutes of practice. Once comfortable with the board, tricks and flips can be performed up to 30 feet in the air. With a turn of your feet, you can be flying above the water with just the power of your PWC.

    River Races

Don’t have an ocean anywhere near you to ride a jet ski in? Well one of the most exhilarating jet ski activities does not need salt water waves. River racing takes you and a buddy around bends and turns, all the while being surrounded by the wilderness. Around the world, many water sport businesses conduct races around the world at both a practice and competitive level, so you don’t need a jet ski owning friend to participate. Rivers give an exciting, new path to drive down with twists and curves that an open ocean doesn’t provide. Racing can be done in lakes and oceans as well, by using buoys to set up a track in the water. The first to make a certain number of laps wins! Authough river racing can lead to prizes and titles, many people race with their family of all ages, just to have a good time. Riders can take it as slow as they want, or as fast as their jet ski can go!


Perhaps one of the most popular water activities, wakeboarding can be performed from the back of your jet ski. Using your PWC provides the rider with a thrilling experience of quick speeds and maneuverability than many personal boats cannot deliver. Opposed to a boat which can also be used for wakeboarding, jet skis can reach full speed within seconds, pulling the wakeboard rider along with it. Most jet skis are built with a tow hook behind the seat for towing sports like wakeboarding, so you don’t have to worry whether or not your jet ski will work with this activity. Also, you can bring wakeboarding to almost anywhere without having to bring a three thousand pound boat along with you. For safety reasons, your jet ski must legally have a spotter to both keep an eye on the rider, and ensure that the towing rope doesn’t make its way underneath the jet ski. Wakeboarding can take awhile to get good at, but once comfortable, jet skis can give you the speed and momentum to perform countless tricks. If you’re looking for a challenging and thrilling way to enjoy your jet ski, wakeboarding is the sport for you.

It is impossible not to have fun on a jet ski, but with that said, there are still plenty of options to try something new, whether that's tubing, fishing, or racing, an uplifting experience awaits. There are options for both thrill seeking, and relaxed riders, so no matter your preference for speed, jet skis offer fun to everyone. So, go out there and try something new. You may discover your new favorite ocean activity.