Wake Up Rentals – Common Rental Questions

Wake Up Rentals is a jet ski delivery service. We are not located on any specific lake. You must book your rental in advance. We will then meet you at the agreed upon location at your scheduled time.
You will need a valid state ID or driver's license to rent a skis for identification purposes only. All operators of our skis must be 18 years old or older per our insurance. Renters do not need to obtain a boater's license to rent a jet ski in Tennessee.
Yes! 50% of your invoice will be due upon booking. Your invoice will include the rate for your rental time, plus tax, and delivery if applicable. This deposit is nonrefundable except in the case of inclement weather.
Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover. No checks. All security deposits MUST be on a valid Credit Card. (Debit cards are not accepted for the security holds but are accepted for invoice payment.)
Yes! All renters must have a valid credit card on which Wake Up Rentals will place a $300 security hold. *This security deposit is IN ADDITION to your rental fees. However, this hold will be released/refunded after the wave runner is returned undamaged. Please be aware that, although Wake Up Rentals releases the security hold the same day the ski is returned undamaged, your financial institution may hold those funds for an additional 1-3 more business days. Please check with your financial institution to confirm their hold policies.
Delivery to Louisville Landing Marina is free. All other locations are subject to a delivery fee. This fee is determined based on the distance traveled. In order to provide you with the freedom of choice for your lake adventure, we must pay delivery drivers for their time and mileage. Don't worry! Fees are affordable and totally worth it to take your lake day to the extremes!
Our insurance requires all renters/operators to be 18 years old. There are no exceptions to this rule.
All deposits are nonrefundable except in the case of inclement weather. Refunds of invoices, minus the 50 % deposit, will only be issued if the cancellation is made the day before your scheduled rental. If you schedule a delivery and do not show up on time for that delivery, no refunds will be issued.
No. When we deliver the ski to you, it will have a full tank of gas. The renter is responsible for refilling the tank at the end of their rental. Please allow at least 15 minutes at the end of your rental time to refill the tank with gas at the nearest marina gas pump. Skis returned without gas be refilled by a Wake Up Rentals employee and the renter's credit card on file will be charged at a rate of $5 per gallon.
You bet! We will go over all the rules and safety before you leave the dock. Additionally, when you reserve your ski, we email you a link to a safety video that the state of Tennessee requires all renters to watch before operating a PWC. You must initial a section on your insurance waiver confirming that you have in fact watched this training video before operating the ski.
We will confirm your start and stop time when reserving your ski. We will also remind you of the return time when we drop off your ski. We insist you wear a watch or bring a phone to keep track of time while you are on the water. Because of other scheduled rentals, if you are late returning your ski to us, you will be charged $40 for every 15 minutes that you are late. So, please don't be late!
To complete a reservation you may book online OR you can give us a call. Please know the location, date, time, and number of skis before you call to book.
All of our wave runners are sized for three people. The weight limit is 500 pounds. Two people fit comfortably on the Sport and Deluxe models. The High Output is most suitable for three people (to fit comfortably).
Please feel free to explore the areas of the lake that you wish. The ski must remain on the water though and cannot be transported on your own trailer. Just remember to save yourself enough time to return to the drop off location so that you are not late for pick up.
Riders younger than 18 years old must be driven by an adult who has signed the Wake Up Rentals waiver. All riders younger than 18 years old must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver. All Children must be able to sit on the seat and touch the floor of the wells. Children must be able to hang on and CAN NOT ride in front of the driver.
Yes! All renters must read and sign an insurance waiver. Only those who've read and signed the insurance waiver are permitted to operate the ski. Those signing the waiver are accepting any and all financial responsibility.
Yes! We do not charge a delivery fee to deliver to Louisville Landing Marina in Louisville, TN.
Wake Up Rentals requires renters to show up 15 minutes prior to their scheduled rental time. We need this additional time to take a copy of your ID, process the security hold, and to show you how to operate the ski safely. If you arrive late, these things must still be accomplished. Rental time will not be extended to accommodate for lost time. If another delivery is scheduled that day, late renters may loose their entire rental and will not be issued a refund. So, please don't be late.
A person may not operate or ride a personal watercraft on the waters of Tennessee unless each person aboard the vessel, or being towed by the vessel ,is wearing a USCG approved flotation device with USCG approval label. Wake Up Rentals will supply the required life jackets.
You can! Although, we require that you to be an experienced jet ski operator to do so. The ropes can get "sucked up" by the jet ski quite easily. This will cause damage to the ski and the renter will be financially responsible for this damage. Because of this, we require that those wishing to pull a tube have a "spotter" who rides backwards on the ski to monitor the passenger of the tube and the robe.
Give us a call and we will be happy to look up your desired location. As long as it is safe and within a reasonable distance, we should be able to accommodate your request.
No. Our insurance will not allow customers to haul the skis.
It really depends on the total weight onboard. One person on a ski will obviously go faster than three people on a ski. At Wake Up Rentals, the skis we rent are capable of going over 55 miles per hour and on the water - that's fast! If you choose to go fast, please be safe! Watch out for yourself and others on the water.
At this time, we do not offer any discounts.
Yes! The farther the distance we must travel, the longer the minimum rental requirements are. For example, deliveries to Norris or Douglas lake are subject to a 2-day minimum rental agreement. You can check out this information and more on our locations and reservations page.
Wake Up Rentals operates PWC rentals from April to September. However, you can book your ski as far in advance as you'd like.