You may book your ski online or you may call us. We are very grateful for the many calls that we receive but because of the high volume, in addition to delivering skis, we do not always have the time necessary to work out the following details with our customers on the phone. Please check out our FAQ page for the answers to the most common questions and concerns. If you choose to call us to reserve your skis, please know the answers to the following questions.

  • What is your location of choice? What lake do you want to explore?
  • How long do you want to rent? What time would you like to begin?
  • How many jet skis are you in need of?
  • What is your ideal date for your jet ski adventure? Do you have a back up date in mind?


We require a $300 security deposit on the day of your rental. This security hold must be placed on a credit card. No debit cards are accepted. This hold will be released when the ski is returned undamaged. However, some financial institutions hold this fee for an additional 1-3 business days. Please check with your bank to get the specifics on their hold policies.


To ensure that you get your desired location, date, and time, please reserve your ski in advance. Usually, a few days notice will suffice. However, holiday weekends book up weeks, if not months, in advance.

Other Information

Gas – We believe you should only pay for the gas you use; thus we deliver the ski filled up. When you return the ski, just make sure to fill it back up. Usually there is a marina gas station close by. If we have to fill it back up for you, there is a service charge added onto the cost of the price of gas per gallon.

Late fee – We always want to respect your time. It is our goal to never show up late to a rental. On most occasions, our skis are booked back to back. Therefore, we require our renters to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled rental time, so that we can get a copy of your ID, process the security deposit, and show you how to operate the ski. When we send you off, we move onto our next renters. It is imperative that everyone arrives and returns at the scheduled time. Late shows may loose time or their entire rental. Late returns of our skis will be subject to a $40 charge for every 15 minutes you are late. Please don’t be late!

Damage – We love our wave runners and don’t like to see them get damaged. We ask that everyone operates our skis with safety and respect for the fact that it belongs to someone else. However, we know that accidents can and will happen. In the case of a damaged wave runner, we will “capture” the security deposit on hold. Which means that we will process it as a charge. Once the damages are evaluated and an estimate to repair is obtained, any remaining funds will be issued back to you. If the damage is extensive and totals more than $300, those fees will need to be paid the same day. Repair estimates can take a few days to obtain but we remain in communication with you throughout the process.

Age Requirements – Jet skis are fun! However, people can forget that a jet ski/wave runner is a high performance boat. They can be dangerous and people can get hurt. For this reason, our insurance REQUIRES our renters to be at least 18 years old. All operators must read and sign an insurance waiver and watch a safety training video before operating our skis.

Keeping the ski overnight – Do you want to keep the jet ski overnight? No Problem! We allow multi-day rentals to keep the wave runners overnight as long as they have a dock to tie up to. When keeping the ski overnight, you must secure it to the dock, but leave enough slack so that it does not rub against the dock, damaging the ski in the process. Remember to take the key out and place it in a safe location.

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